Rules & Responsibilities

Academic-Year Attendance Policy and Action:

Excused Absences:

  • Absence from school due to illness
  • Prearranged excused absence from school or from UB meeting
  • Extracurricular activities IF all grades are “C” or above (with adaptations for students with continuous extra-curricular activities)

Unexcused Absences:

  • Examples include work, medical appointments, personal business

Emergency Absences:

  • Call toll free (888/299-2566) either prior to or within 48 hours of the absence
  • If deemed an emergency by UB personnel, the student will be excused

Students are expected to attend all meetings unless excused according to the above.  If a student experiences an unexcused absence, UB staff will discuss this with him/her.  If a student is in jeopardy of losing program services, UB personnel will notify the student, parent/guardian and school.  After such notification, any further absence or failure to fulfill responsibilities may result in the student being dropped from the project.

Academic-Year Responsibilities:

In order to earn a weekly stipend and project services, the following are required:

  • Each student must work with UB personnel to stay in good standing in the local school—i.e., consistent attendance, good relationships with school personnel, model citizenship, etc.
  • Each student must attend and productively participate in the entire UB meeting, completing all assigned work.

Summer Rules and Responsibilities:

All UB activities focus on the educational, social and cultural growth of participants.  If any activity is focused otherwise or causes undue disturbance, then it will be banned from common areas for the duration of the summer session.  Upward Bound students must comply with all University and program policies which include:

A.  Attitude and Effort:

  • Positively represent UB by exemplary citizenship on campus and in Kirksville.
  • Be truthful, respectful and obedient to all staff and campus officials.
  • Develop a community of support—i.e., no name calling, put downs, observe round-the-clock courtesy hours and quiet hours (10:30p-9:30a), etc.
  • Be prompt for and give maximum effort in all classes and activities.

B.  General Regulations:

  • No possession, use or influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.  No possession or use of tobacco, firearms, knives, other weapons, or explosives—including all fireworks.  (Non-compliance may affect the A+ Scholarship.)
  • No sexual contact with any person.
  • Curfews:  Floor 10:30p.  Room and phone 11:00p.  Lights and video games 11:30-6:00a.
  • Students may not drive or ride in vehicles—unless parent’s give permission for a doctor’s appointment.
  • Students may attend only program-approved activities.
  • Students sign out 1) when leaving the residence hall—unless going to class or a full group activity and 2) anytime leaving campus—including weekends.  (Student must get permission to leave campus.)

C.  Facilities and Property:

  • Students may not go into the living area of the opposite gender or in other residence halls.
  • No unauthorized guests are allowed on students’ wings or in their rooms.
  • No open flames or burning of incense/candles in the residence hall.
  • No tampering with fire equipment or with the window screens.
  • Students must lock their doors when leaving their rooms.
  • If a student misplaces or destroys the room key or University ID, the University may assess a fee.
  • Any behavior that could lead to the damage or destruction of property is prohibited.  Students are liable for the cost of repairs made necessary by their (or their guests’) fault or negligence.

D.  Dress Code:

  • Sunglasses may not be worn in classes, workshops or presentations.
  • Caps/Hats may be worn in classes (with instructor permission) but not in workshops or presentations.
  • Tube tops, sport bras or spandex may not be worn as outerwear.
  • Skirts must be mid-thigh length and shorts must have a 2” leg.
  • Clothing may not—
    • Advertise alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
    • Contain profane, obscene, sexual or gang-related expressions
    • Be disrespectful, disruptive or distract from the educational process
    • Expose torso or underwear

E. Technology: 

  • Students must observe all relevant UB and University regulations. A complete listing of University computer policies can be found at use.stm.
  • Cell phones will have limited access. Request a copy of the Tech Policy for specific details.
  • No inappropriate video games—e.g., violent, prejudicial or sexual.

The University reserves the right to enter students’ rooms for the purpose of safety, inspection, maintenance or repair.  The University further reserves the right to enter and inspect the assigned room, including personal property of the occupants, if reasonable cause exists to believe that the student has violated University or program regulations.  UB reserves the right to add, delete or change the above policies as the need arises.  Students have the right to voice a concern about any policy to the UB Office.