Yearbook Advisor





  • Expertise in academic area and use of technology in classroom;
  • Experience in print media and yearbook production software;
  • Ability to develop innovative curriculum in line with course objectives;
  • Ability to motivate and generate creativity from high school students;
  • Demonstrated ability to organize and meet deadlines;
  • Ability to produce quality work with close attention to detail;
  • Ability to work effectively with rural participants from diverse backgrounds.


  • Bachelors’ degree in journalism preferred;
  • Teaching experience with secondary or postsecondary students.


The Upward Bound Yearbook Advisor is a seven-week position responsible to the Project Director for producing the Project’s yearbook within budget and according to an agreed-upon timeline.


  • Develop and deliver a curriculum that addresses course objectives;
  • Utilize innovative classroom techniques and methodologies that involve students in challenging learning opportunities;
  • Produce a high quality yearbook suitable for a variety of audiences (i.e., parents, university administrators, area high schools, governmental personnel);
  • Produce the yearbook within bid specifications and a pre-determined budget;
  • Develop and adhere to an agreed-upon timeline for delivery of the yearbook;
  • Assume responsibility for yearbook content and ensure its accuracy;
  • Function as a liaison to other professionals involved in the yearbook production;
  • Ensure each person involved with the project is pictured in the yearbook at least once;
  • Ensure responsible use of University facilities and equipment;
  • Safely transport students in University vehicles;
  • Develop and implement a system of communication with the program photographer that will result in the provision of all photographic needs;
  • Refer to the supervisor those students not making adequate progress;
  • Submit curriculum evaluation for the purpose of improving program services;
  • Make arrangements with the Project Director to proof the yearbook draft after summer session.